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  • What Do We Treat?

    We can help patients with many different conditions; however, we need to complete a detailed neurological evaluation to determine if your particular situation will benefit from our approach. Previous patients we have worked with have been diagnosed with concussions or post-concussion syndrome, post stroke rehabilitation, balance and vestibular disorders.

  • Baselines – Return to Play

    The Concussion And Balance Treatment Center is not only looking to revolutionize the current state of post-concussion management but to improve all aspects of concussion prevention, education and care. The current methods of baseline testing employed for athletes of all levels are limited by poor validity, limited range of testing and a subjective nature.

  • Performance Enhancement

    Athletes of all calibers strive to be their best and perform at their peak. Small changes to the nervous system may impact a player’s perception of the world around them. These small changes can impact many factors. We offer detailed exams and therapies to help improve the functioning of an athlete’s nervous system to ensure they are playing at their best.